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Web2Pin Support and FAQ

The questions below are most commonly asked about Web2Pin. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please email support@web2pin.com for assistance.

Application Questions

Question Answer
Is a BES required? If Web2Pin is accessing an internal web site yes.
Can Web2Pin operate using Blacberry.Net service? Yes. While not used by Web2Pin, a Blackberry.Net email account must be established and operational for the unit to work correctly.
Why are dedicated Blackberries required? Web2Pin draws a fair amount of battery power, requires a unique configuration, and carrier connectivity must be constant to insure message delivery.
What Blackberry devices does Web2Pin support? Web2Pin was developed using Nextel 7520 and Verizon 7130e devices. As long as the device has the ability to access the internet and operates on the Blackberry Java platform, Web2Pin should operate flawlessly. We are happy to work with customers concerning devices that we have not formally tested.
Why is a non-disclosure agreement required? Information Solutions, Inc. is the first company to offer the ability to send Pin messages from a web site and/or application. We are simply protecting our intellectual property rights.
What Blackberry carrier and device do we recommend? If Verizon signal strength is good in your area, we recommend Verizon service and the Blackberry 7130e. We have experienced no service interruptions with Verizon and the 7130e EvDO capabilities permit faster application execution.
How fast can Web2Pin process PIN messages? Web2Pin is programmed to send 6 messages per minute per unit. To increase the number of messages per minute, you must add additional Web2Pin licenses and Blackberry units.
How many Blackberry units can the Web2Pin architecture support? No limitation exists. You can use as many units, from as many different carriers, as needed to achieve the message throughput and redundancy desired.
Why am I asked for a PIN number when purchasing the Web2Pin application? Each Web2Pin application is complied for a specific Blackberry PIN number. Basically a simple non-obtrusive form of license verification.
If I have multiple Web2Pin licenses, how do know what application license is for each unit? The PIN number is part of the application name.
How do I “reboot” the Web2Pin application? Web2Pin is automatically started when installed and will continue to run as long as the device has power. To restart Web2Pin turn the radio off, pop the battery out for a few seconds, and then turn radio back on once power-up processes have been completed.
Will the “Turn Power Off” icon or “ALT-CAP-Backspace” restart Web2Pin? No. Web2Pin is RAM resident and the application will remain active.

General Questions

Question Answer
Why are some characters stripped? Web2Pin validates all input and automatically strips some characters to protect against SQL injection attacks and other hacking techniques.

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Web2Pin is fully patched for Daylight Saving Time.

Launch of Web2Pin.com. Web2Pin technology is spun off from the SiteRecon email and web site monitoring website to become a separate product.
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