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iFrame or Page Link

Information Solutions, Inc. provides the ability to use Web2Pin technology within your web site to send Blackberry Pin messages. This can be done by simply providing a link to our free message page or you can embed an iFrame statement into your page for a more integrated look.

HTML Page Link Code

If you wish to provide Web2Pin functionality to your website visitors using a page link, simply copy and paste the code below to link to our free message page.

iFrame Link

For a more integrated look an iFrame statement can be used to provide you visitors with the ability to send Pin messages. iFrame inclusion depends of the program language and your preference. The example code below is using the standard HTML iFrame statement.

Customization options, such as color, are provided to assist in providing a seamlessly look for your web site. Below are the options we used for blending into the Web2Pin.com.

Parameter Value
BColor Background color of text area (example: BColor=205291)
FColor Text color for text area (example: FColor=FFFFFF)

NOTE: You cannot code your own Web2Pin-iFrame page and then submit to us for execution. Web2Pin has embedded code to only accept form actions from Web2Pin.com. If you wish this flexibility, purchase of Web Services is required.

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 what's new
Web2Pin is fully patched for Daylight Saving Time.

Launch of Web2Pin.com. Web2Pin technology is spun off from the SiteRecon email and web site monitoring website to become a separate product.
 iframe or page link
Add Web2Pin technology to your web site by using a simple iframe or page link statement at no cost.
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