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Web2Pin Application License

Information Solutions, Inc. offers the Web2Pin application to those that wish the flexibility and freedom of incorporating Web2Pin into their infrastructure. Purchase of a Web2Pin application license offers the following benefits:

Unlimited Capacity

Web2Pin is design to process messages at 10 second intervals permitting 8640 messages per day to be sent. Web2Pin is designed from the ground up to scale to the needed capacity by simply adding additional Web2Pin licenses and Blackberry devices.


Web2Pin is not reliant upon a single carrier or device. Multiple Web2Pin enabled devices can work seamlessly across carriers to provide redundancy in the event of carrier network or device failure.

Internal or External Licensing

Web2Pin can be purchased with an internal or external use license. If Web2Pin is be used to send messages to Blackberries owned by your company, cost of entry is greatly reduced.

Blackberry Devices

Web2Pin is design for Blackberry devices that are internet capable and operate on the Blackberry Java platform. At Web2Pin we use Nextel 7520 and Verizon 7130e devices due to their superior signal strength in our area.


To incorporate the Web2Pin application into your infrastructure the following prerequisites must be met: (1) external or internal web site that has database connectivity. If you wish to use an internal web site for additional security, a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) that can reach your site is required; (2) about 2 hours of programmer time to add two web pages with database connectivity. Sample code and documentation are supplied and tech support is available if needed; and (3) dedicated Blackberry or Blackberries with good signal strength, AC power, and ability to reach your external or internal web pages.

License Pricing
Package License Cost Purchase
Web2PinInternal Web2Pin is licensed for internal use only. Web2Pin is licensed to send messages only to Blackberries owned by your company.

If you are a hospital, this license extends to patient and doctor notifications.
per Blackberry install
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Web2PinExternal Web2Pin is licensed for internal and external use. Messages being sent by Web2Pin may be sent to any Blackberry. $1,499.00
per Blackberry install
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Purchase of Web2Pin Application License(s) requires acceptance of the Information Solutions, Inc. Non-Disclosure Agreement and Terms and Conditions.

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Web2Pin is fully patched for Daylight Saving Time.

Launch of Web2Pin.com. Web2Pin technology is spun off from the SiteRecon email and web site monitoring website to become a separate product.
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